here are their direct download links (8000 questions)

From gonnif:

LINKS REMOVED as site in untested and suspicious. Direct downloads executable files presents a threat. Please use link above if you desire to investigate this site.

Please note that there dozens and dozens of MCAT review sites and questions. Members should judicious in their selection of review questions

old coupon code expired, will update post if new code comes up.

No idea how legitimate this site or series is, but I’m generally leery of runing exe files from untrusted sites. Be cautious, folks.

I know what you mean. I had a bad experience once with a kids ABC software I downloaded few years back. But this site is legit. I downloaded and ran those two titles (botany and zoology trial versions) after scanning them with PANDA antivirus (never failed me in 5 years!) and I ended up purchasing the zoology review. The purchase was processed by Shareit which is a reputed company and they sent me the unlock key to the software. So do not worry, these guys are safe.

I must apologize for posting the direct download links, I guess that was not a proper thing to do. But thanks for editing those out, I am still learning net etiquette, trying to improve

Fwiw, it’s easy to set up a virtual machine on your computer:

  • If you're running Windows, you can download Virtual PC for free from the MS website at If you're running Windows 7, Virtual PC comes for free with what's called "XP Mode". Works great.
  • VMWare offers their VMware Player for free at a... (This is the one I use most.)
  • VirtualBox ( is freeware that gives you a PC-style VM that will run on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Install a virtual machine, open it up, and then install whatever software you want on your virtual machine. Viruses or other garbage? Just delete the VM and you're good as new.

Just a suggestion for those who want to try it out.