MCAT Camp - Dr. Ferdinand

Does anyone know about the MCAT course taught by Dr. Brett Ferdinand called MCAT Camp? He is the author of The Gold Standard MCAT. I am thinking about taking the course. Here is a link to the website. …



Check into whether this is the same doctor or not. sc_eg…

PLEASE be careful with aspersions cast on people based on first and last names only. There are literally hundreds of Matthew Coreys in the US in their twenties and thirties based on what I’m seeing on Facebook. I feel bad for them if they get blamed for some of the things I’ve done

So you’re THAT Matt Corey?

Speaking of Facebook and Medical Schools:

Facebook misconduct: Med students cross line

A new study finds most medical school deans surveyed said they were aware of students posting unprofessional content online, including photos of drug paraphernalia and violations of patient privacy. -hea…

I have all of his MCAT videos and the Gold Standard mcat book. He has been around for a while. His teaching techniques are very good. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand with examples and diagrams. I don’t know if his course alone will make you score well on the MCAT. Yet, in conjuction with other MCAT materials, Dr. Ferdinand is very helpful.

I’d like some more feedback on TGS as well. Some of the various programs are a little pricey. Might just purchase something cheaper and see how that is first.