MCAT OK school

im rushing to class rigth now but have some things on my mind and thought i’d ask.

first, can anyone recommend good MCAT prep books for me plz?

second, could somone check this school out and tell me what you think?…

FYI- i am considered underrepresented

would i be trying to take too much of an easy route with this program?

just let me know your opinions on it if possible

Thanks all

Easy route? I don’t think there is such a thing. Easing you in to the rhythm and rigors of medical school in efforts of optimizing your ability to make it all the way through…not a bad option, especially with the “fees only” costs for the extra year.

If this is a program that you think you could excel in, I think it’s a very valid option. You still will have done all of the work to earn your credentials…and no one would look twice at the “extra” year that made that a somewhat “easier” thing.

You might even argue that you have a better preparation, as you may have enough time to more fully process and internalize the information that is being thrown at you. Make your own decision and don’t worry about if others will perceive it as weakness.

Best of luck!

First, I had good results with ExamKrackers. But everyone learns differently and you may have to try different prep books to find the one(s) that work for you.

Second, I have seen more than a few schools who offer a 5 yr route, but I get the impression that schools are very selective in who they choose for it. It may be an easier route but if the school feels you need it and you still become a doc then you still achieve your goal. Perhaps talk to OSU to see if you would indeed qualify and how it would be recorded on your transcript.

It looks like a really good program and could actually be a “post-bacc” program without actually being called just that. I do agree with sevenwheels as there is no such thing as an easy route.

One thing I really liked about it was this, “All coursework completed will transfer to the OSU-CHS College of Osteopathic Medicine.”

It may not seem like it, but I would call that an unofficial linkage to the Medical School. Any program that has any kind of linkage whether official or not is definitely worth checking out.