MCAT practice test speed issues

As some of you know one of the academic problems I have is that I read too slow, probably a cognitive issue rather than subvocalization. This issue ruined my GPA in undergrad due to my inability to finish tests.

Now, it is hurting my performance on the MCAT. I can only finish about 40% of the test before I run out of time. And even those answers are not perfectly correctly; I still miss some of them. If I guess on the 60% that remains, I only have a 25% chance of getting each question right.

I know that one can get accommodations for more time on the MCAT, but it takes lots of legal and counseling support and evidence to get this special dispensation. Also, I would need more time on every test after that in medical school, USMLE, etc.

I’ve tried speed reading programs, etc., and they also don’t work for me.

But, I would still like to resolve this problem by reading and thinking faster.

Does any have any advice on this issue?

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Sorry to hear about your troubles! I think the speed reading idea is a good one to throwaway as I don’t think it would help with the MCAT. You don’t just want speed, you want quality. It really sounds like you would be a very good candidate for accomodations. I know it’s not something you want to wrangle with, but it may be a good idea to get some “professional” help if you have the resources available. Local schools, advisors, psychology departments (great resources), tutoring centers, etc. are some thoughts I have for places to seek help or get advice. A good premed advisor should know more about MCAT accomodations. Don’t give up! (Sounds like you aren’t). If you were planning on taking the MCAT this year, perhaps it would be best to wait until next year when you feel more prepared. Perhaps you will have found the resources needed to help you and be in a better position. I know it’s probably not very attractive to delay things by a year, but it is better to be prepared and confident. I am sure pathdr2b and others will have better ideas than do I, but just wanted to pass on some thoughts of my own. I wish you the best! MCAT is such a beast. I’m taking mine on April 27th and it’s pretty intimidating, but remaining confident and calm are components of the test that I am working on!

Best of luck!