MCAT prep books?

I’ll be taking the MCAT next year, after I take orgo. But I want to start studying over the summer on the courses that I will have already taken (chem, bio, and physics) to cement the concepts I’ve already learned and to learn the concepts that weren’t covered in my classes. Plus, I’ll have some time over the summer (I won’t be taking any classes) and want to use the time to my best advantage. Note: I will likely be taking an MCAT prep course next year, but I do want to start studying on my own now, because I have a pretty high score goal.

So here are my questions:

  1. What MCAT prep book/s have you used?

  2. What did you LIKE about the book/s you used?

  3. What did you DISLIKE about the book/s you used?

  4. Would you recommend them? Why/why not?

    Any other comments are also welcome. Thanks for your input!

  • Lorien

I have the Exam Krackers set, I got about a third of the way through them before Kaplan took off and with classes and Kaplan they kind of fell by the wayside.

What I like. They have problems throughout the lessons and examples. The Kaplan books are a little light on that.

What I disliked. Would like to see more practice MCAT problems. One thing about taking a prep course is you will get plenty of practice.

I would recommend them. They are fairly cheap ($120)and are as concise as the Kaplan class I am taking.

You could probably find them used online for even cheaper.

Anyone have feelings about the Princeton Review books? Those seem to be the ones I’m leaning toward, after also taking a look at EK and Kaplan books. I’m not planning to take a prep course, but want “the best” set of review books. (That may vary from person-to-person, what people think of as “the best.”)