MCAT Prep time?

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m brand new to this site and I am stoked to find other older or more mature premed students out there. So far, I have enjoyed the posts that I have seen and hope to be able to contribute to the group as I move forward in my journey.

To preface my question, I am a clinical pharmacist that has been in practice almost 8 years (Pharm.D. 09’) and a BS in chemistry before that (05’). I am now reflecting on my future and truly want to pursue a career in medicine. I had a great handle on the MCAT stuff back then, but now find myself trying to learn how to walk through gen chem and physics again. At this point the process feels rather slow (married, 2 young daughters, full-time job, etc.) and just curious how long it has taken others in similar situations to mine to feel good about sitting for the MCAT?

I’m using the Kaplan MCAT 7-book subject review series to prep (just finished the first book) and am hoping to possibly take the MCAT twice before November…am I crazy or does this timeframe look possible?

Looking forward to your replies.


1st question, why twice? (welcome to the site by the way).

If you’re shooting for November, you’re going to miss out on a huge chunk of time to apply this coming cycle. If you’re not planning on applying this cycle, then you have more time than November to take the test. Ideally, you’ll one-and-done it, which is much less stressful and looks better than bombing in the first time and having to regain your composure/confidence and torture yourself more.

I didn’t use the 7 book series, but I did the self-paced Kaplan on-demand course and crammed it all into 3 months while working a full time job (married with pregnant wife at the time). It probably would’ve been a little easier on me and the wife to have spaced it out over 4-5 months. Your time frame looks fine to me, but it’ll be based on your own motivation and drive to relearn all of the basics that you’ve probably brain dumped with before '09. Definitely work some practice tests into your study plan because there’s nothing better than getting schwacked by those before sitting for the real thing. At least for me at the time, Kaplan’s qbank was okay for foundational knowledge but didn’t do much to get me in full test-taking mindset.

Good friend of mine in my class is a pharmD circa '08. It’s definitely beneficial to have a strong pharm and physiology background, and hopefully that’ll lend to you having a little bit easier time in med school than your colleagues.