MCAT Registration: check!

Okay, in general, it was an activity with a net loss (of approximately $225!), but I was excited to mark this action item off the to-do list.

Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to the challenge and the test date. It will mark the end of PREPARATION PHASE and will begin APPLICATION PHASE.

Here begins the countdown to May 26th!

Best wishes to all of you!

Congrats. I just registered yesterday for the Jan 29 test. Now to study enough to be ready by then.

Hi there

good luck to you guys. I will be registering for Jan or Mar. Don’t know yet.

Again best of luck.

Thanks, and good luck to both of you as well!

Hey there! Got my date too, APRIL 16th! It is starting to feel so real now!

Just signed up for my date: April 29 at 1 pm.

Five months until test date but seems like it’s so close now that I have actually committed to it.

Good luck! We can do this! The MCAT is our friend!

Keep that attitude! The MCAT is a stepping stone to med school! You get to show off what a great well-prepared candidate you are


Registered here for April 9th.

Hi, all you recently-registered-for-M CAT-OPMs! I was in your shoes last year. A year later, I’ve been accepted and medical school is now more than just a dream. I actually know where I’m going. The next year will be a wild ride for all of you.

As someone who had to do significant GPA repair, I knew that the MCAT was my opportunity to show adcoms that I was capable. So, take the attitude that this is an opportunity not an obstacle. Take a prep class if you can. It was expensive, but worth every penny. If not, be diligent and focused in your studies. Take lots of practice tests and find a strategy.

Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait to read about your awesome scores and future interviews/acceptances!

Good luck to you Owen. Hope you get a great score.

I also took an MCAT on Sat morning (but it was practice only, AAMC PT09) and scored a 32. I was really wishing that could have been my real score so I can be done worrying about this test! Oh well, 3 months to try to get that even higher.

Congrats on the practice, Shawn!

Hope you get the score you want, Owen!

Congrats, Owen, on completing a major milestone!

I will take MCAT on May 20.

Let’s study together!