MCAT Registration Open?

Is anybody else trying to register for the MCAT today? The website has said the opening day is November 2 for registration for the spring test dates. I stayed up late night until 12am (officially Nov 2) and watched the registration website tell me “Thank you for your patience, this browswer window is your place in line. Do not close it, etc.” until about 2am when I gave up since I would need to be waking up in about 5 hrs to go to work. That was fun.

Currently watching the same message right now. Is this just how it is? I am getting frustrated!

Generally speaking, batch type systems (ala MCAT) have overnight processing and “Available Nov 2” means at normal business hours.

I’m sure it is up now.

UPDATE: Registration did open at 12am but there were so many people that it really did take that long. Finally got registered though for January 29th and I’m somehow a little excited! Lots more to cover before I’m “ready” but I am feeling good about it!

Best of luck to you!

Best of luck, Wiggy!

Also, your avatar made me hungry for eggs. Thanks a lot