MCAT review DVD's, any good?

Hi, was wondering if the DVD series from is any good. Starting in the fall I’ll be taking my science pre-reqs and thought that viewing these DVDs before taking the classes could only help. Any thoughts?

While I am usually all for additional resources, I think that if you are just starting your prereqs, you might want to hold off of this right now. So right now, save your money…and concentrate on just doing the best you can in your classes.

As for whether the materials are good or not, I can’t answer this directly because I have not used these materials. I have, however, heard of Gold Standard and they seem to have a good rep. I would just wait a little while…just get into your classes right now.

My advice to you is GET THEM!! Dr Ferdinand is wonderful in his lectures. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand. I wished I would have gotten them when I was taking my prereq’s. If you don’t want to buy the complete set, just get the chemistry and organic chemistry set. You can buy them off of ebay or for a used price which is cheaper. I am currently studying for the MCAT and are using the videos along with other studying materials.