MCAT Score

First off, I am on this website with a different username. I registered anew under this username because I wanted to receive some feedback and maintain my privacy since it is a public domain and some people on here know me.

Just checked my Jan 31st MCAT score. I scored really well on the PS, BS, and WS but bombed the VR.

I had had trouble with the VR ever since I was preparing and of course that’s what bit me in the arse!

I need to know from the gurus here if I should retake the MCAT and potentially get a lower score on the other 3 sections and raising my VR score a bit, or go ahead and apply with my current score.

VR 08

BS 14

PS 14



Tough one! I’ll let the others take this.

I don’t think I’d retake in that situation, given the high other scores and that it seems your VR score is consistent with what you’d gotten in practice. Overall, that score doesn’t look bad to me. Your written part was also high (S), which would seem to reflect well and perhaps mitigate the VR, albeit slightly.

Would it be feasable for you to apply this cycle, or whenever you had planned? The VR score is non optimal, but I don’t think it would preclude admission.

I think you are fine. But if you really want an answer, call your top choice and ask.

I would apply with this score.

My verbal score was lower than that I got accepted to few schools… but I didn’t apply to Harvard or other Ivy League schools.

Since your scores on Verbal were generally lower it unlikely that you would significantly improve it + you could score lower on the other sections.

Thanks for the replies. As I tend to cool down and think about things more logically, I realize that chances that I’d get 14’s on the BS, and PS again are slim and chances that my score on the VR would go up are just as slim since I find the bloody thing to be so arcane.

I think I’ll roll and see where the dice land!

Just to reinforce the decision you’ve already made (reading for the first time, several days after the discussion took place)

DO NOT take it again! VR of 8 is not terrible and BS/PS 14s is beyond awesome. Stick with it and good luck.


okay… umm pretty solid score you have there. HOW DID YOU DO IT!!!