MCAT scores are back (5/24/12 test)...

After waking up at 3am giddy as a little kid waiting for Christmas (and staying awake)…I’m pleased to announce I do NOT need to retake the MCAT. I was worried that I would have a decent “overall” with high verbal, low science. My verbal was lower than my average, but I got a solid balanced score.

Now I know what I’m NOT doing with the rest of my summer (studying for the retake), I have to get off my butt and actually do something productive.

Best of luck to the rest of you studying or waiting!


WOOHOO! So happy for you. Now, relax and enjoy your summer. Forget productivity. Have some R & R for a change.


Congrats! Enjoy some well deserved time off.

Thanks! I still have to put the finishing touches on my application, but once that’s in, I plan I just having a “normal” summer (cycling, berry picking, time w/ kids, etc.)

Great Job!

I will be retaking. My score was not horrible, but not quite what I wanted.

I am rescheduling for August. Not ideal, but it is what it is.

Randy, I hope your next round of studying and test-taking allow you to achieve your goal score.

The worst nightmare I had while waiting for scores wasn’t a horrible score, but NO score - that they’d somehow lost my results and I had no recourse but to retake. The thought of having no baseline, no knowledge of how I’d even done was worse than having to retake. How do you assess the effectiveness of some course of action with no feedback?

Back to real life, you now know what you need to get to your goal. You’ve got a target.

Best of luck!

Congratulations, Annette! I’m so excited for you!

Now go have some fun! =)



woot! woot!

Congratulations!!! How nice to finally KNOW!! Good luck applying!