MCAT Study material


I am starting to study for my MCAT and will be taking my exam coming april. Besides Kaplan, anyone recommends other study material? I was also contemplating between kaplan vs princeton MCAT.

I am also using iPhone apps like “mcat mnemonics” and “Gold standard flash cards”. Any more good apps like this for quick/on-the-go study?

Any input would be useful.


I found the ExamCrackers books to be very helpful. They seemed a little more concise and easy to read. Plus, their 1001 series is great for lots of practice problems.

So far as iPhone apps go, I’d recommend getting some kind of flash cards app that hooks up to the major sites (Flashcard Exchange, Quizlet, Cram, etc). I use Flashcards Deluxe. The thing is that you can find all sorts of MCAT Flashcards and material on those sites for free, then download those to your phone when you have some free time.

Also, I really found the MCAT question a day type apps to be very helpful, as I could go through a few practice questions when I had a couple of minutes of down time.

Good luck!

I recently finished Princeton review, and I thought they did pretty good job covering everything. Marks are going to dictate the real thing, but I feel much confident after the course.

I tried MCAT Mnemonics app, certainly an amazing app - I wish they had this app available earlier… Well, glad its out there so people can use something on the go…