MCAT Study Schedule

Does anyone have an MCAT Study Schedule that they can share. I would like to get examples of how other folks are scheduling study time.

Hi Eagerbeaver (like the handle you picked out),

When are you taking the MCAT? I’m planning on it next April, I first have to get through organic chem and physics.

I found some good strategies over by SDN (oooohhhh!). Actually, go into the MCAT forum and look for the 30+ MCAT thread. It is a sticky and usually within the top few threads. I got some good ideas of which materials to check out and some good study plans.

I’ve read a lot of good things about the Berkeley Review, and I’m probably going to invest in their study plan.

Best of luck!

I plan on taking it in September but I wanted to gage whether I’m not putting enough or too much study time in (dare I say). I don’t want to put soo much on my plate that I get overwhelmed. Does that make sense? So, a study schedule that other people have put together would help me bounce my own scheduling ideas off of someone else’s. Anyway, I will check the thread out. Thanks for your input!

Here’s the Examcracker’s home study schedule:

I have not taken the MCAT yet so I don’t know if it’s good or not.

thanks for the website!

Thanks for the info!