MCAT Verbal book inquiry

Hi has anyone heard of and used the MCAT Verbal Reasoning Mastery book? It is written by Charles Chaney and was published last week. The reviews sounded great on Amazon, but there seemed to be some question of the validity of a few of the comments due to the timing of publishing and commenting.

I have not, based upon it’s description, I wonder how well it might work. Many of the things it promotes don’t really help you with the VR section. Speed reading doesn’t help as the test is written for all but the slowest readers. I found the Examkrackers method to have worked quite well myself (13VR). What areas are you trying to improve? By reading each passage like you might carry on a conversation, you look for the point of the conversation instead of trying to memorize too many details. If I could offer any advice about studying in general, don’t try to use too many sources to study from. They may offer radically different methods that don’t necessarily work well together. I wasted about a month trying to use three different sources at the same time, which only seemed to put me farther behind.

Thanks, Jaysun, I appreciate your feedback. I’m a good student in general, but somehow I find myself worried about this section the most.

I have heard good things though about Examkrackers verbal. I’ll check them out further. Thanks again!