MCAT woes

I’ve been told that colleges actually average your MCAT scores, despite what we’ve been told. This concerns me greatly as the first MCAT I took went atrociously and the second (taken 1 mo later) went decently (about 5 points higher). Anyone out there want to dispel this rumor or at least assuage my concerns?

That is just a rumor. The schools get a listing of all of your MCAT scores, separately.

There are several methods. Each school determines which they use. Most of them have a description on their website or in their admissions handbook. Some are only interested in your most recent scores. Others average all your scores in the past three years. Still others say they look at the score set with the highest composite score. Gabelerman is correct, though, every school sees all of your scores from every MCAT you take.

Do not worry about which you cannot change.