I’m prepping to take the MCAT (again) the end of January. I’m having a case of FUD and want to cry. Somebody hold me. snif

Then cry. Let it out. Scream out to the world. Sometimes you just need to get that nervous energy out in some form so if tears do it for you then go have a good and awesome cry.

I can’t hold you because I’s a married man and married to a jealous as-all-get-out Puerto Rican who knows how to handle a knife…

Marion -

From one crone to another, once you’ve had your cry, YOU CAN DO IT! Try to review CALMLY daily, do some AAMC tests - maybe 1-2/wk and review any areas to work on that this identifies. Then take melatonin the night before and try to get a good nights sleep and kill it!

I’ll tell you what I told a non-trad classmate last night when we were whining to each other - I believe the world will be a better place with us as doctors, and have to believe the universe supports that.


Thank you for the cyber hug.

Thank you Kate for the support. This can be such a lonely journey sometimes.

I’m taking an Examkracker course, it’s been very helpful and I’d recommend it for anybody looking for a prep course. I got lucky in that there is only myself and one other student in the course. I also qualified for a fee waiver for the MCAT exam as well as the application fees for med school. I want to take it as a sign that I need to keep trying.

Keep chugging away at the practice tests.

Remember that the MCAT is more a test on comprehension and application - basically it’s reasoning. It’s not all knowledge, and actually less so than many other tests.

Here is a study that was published showing these results - Blooms Taxonomy.

Taking practice tests will teach you to get in the mind set of the thinking and comprehension that they want.