I know there is a seperate forum for this but I like this forum and the poeple who tend to frequent it. Anyway, I’m terrified of the MCATS. I’m generally a very good test taker (my only redeemable quality) but this is the MOTHER of all tests. I’ve never taken a test that’s so all-inclusive.

Is this thing really as hard as people say it is?

It’s very tough, because of the breadth of knowledge and the short, short time you are given to perform. Nevertheless, so many people take the test and it’s so crucial that there is an entire industry built up to help you do well. I really recommend The Princeton Review, it took my score up six points I think over the course of the prep class. Why be scared? If you’ve done all the prerequisite courses, you’ve seen all the material before. All there is left, then, is constant, consistent, review and practice.

Very ture. The better you know the stuff, the better of you’ll be.

MCAT is a game changer and illusion shatterer, no doubt about it. That test threads you through the eye of a needle. Princeton and Kaplan offer excellent prep courses that take the terror out of it and get you up to speed, if you apply yourself. They teach you all the science you need to know (it’s assumed that you’re taking the college courses, though). They provide online quizzes and access to real MCAT exams to practice on. They administer 4-5 practice tests that simulate the real thing in almost every way, and they even tell you what clothes to wear and what snacks to bring on test day, or at least Kaplan does.

Go to your college bookstore and you’ll probably find a number of MCAT books there; pick up a book of practice exams (or buy one on Amazon) and try taking the verbal reasoning test under timed conditions. It’s great practice and will give you an idea of how this test messes with your mind. Best of luck,

it isnt that bad if you prepare for it. if you can afford a class study program, by all means, do it. I did not, just studied on my own, and did fine. the worst part for me was waiting for the exam, some pre med was handing out granola bars for those taking the mcat, scowled at me when i reached for one and said, “it’s for mcat takers only!”

what was funny was the look on his face when i told him i was there to take it! elitist snobs…

Why would he assume you weren’t taking the test? Why else would you be there? That doesn’t make any sense and it’s kind of shitty.

at my university there were 3 events scheduled in the same building for the same day, different rooms. I did go to a “prestigous” state school where many pre-meds were snotty. I was dressed kinda for comfort, kinda for a funeral (had to go directly to one after test) so I didn’t look the professional type, but still!

I though it was mean but people are like that sometimes.

Good luck on your journey. The MCAT seems long and grueling, but once you start medical school, it is only the beginning! They make it they way they to test your stamina as well as knowledge/thinking ability.

Well, I’m glad I’m going to a school where the pre-med program is kind of obscure. The pharmacy program is huge there, but not the pre-med program. I’d have told him just how many different orifices that granola bar could fit into on his body, and then told him to perform a self-demonstration.

OK I think this is a lighthearted exchange, generally, and I doubt misscompassion is going around packing a grudge against this person, but for anyone else listening in:


Sorry, I don’t normally yell, but I really don’t think the exchange as described warrants much thought. To me, it is obvious that the person did NOT think – there’s a lot of that going around. And lots of people are going to make assumptions about nontrads as you make your way through the system. Hell there are lots of threads on here about people’s own relatives making unkind remarks to them about their goals.

But basically the right approach is to let it slide right off your back as you continue on your happy way. Who cares if someone presumes you don’t look like a premed? Their ignorance is meaningless to you.


  • Mary Renard Said:

But basically the right approach is to let it slide right off your back as you continue on your happy way. Who cares if someone presumes you don't look like a premed? Their ignorance is meaningless to you.


And besides, it's REALLY funny.

True. I guess I just have a bit of a temper and I don’t appreciate feeling as if someone is looking down on me. I put myself in her shoes and I think that would really piss me off. But, I do really need to learn how to stow it. After spending some time in the Corps, they kind of encouraged my temper and aggressive nature. I just gotta’ dial it back a bit.

Hoo-Rah!! :wink: