MD in Canada or DO in the States?

Hello everyone,
Well, just when I was planning to move to Fort Lauderdale next month to start med school at NOVA, I got taken off the wait list at the University of Calgary and received a letter of acceptance. I am back to square one in my decision!!! U of Calgary offers a 3-year versus a 4-year program, tuition is ONLY 4K per year versus 29K (Nova), there is less malpractice insurance costs in Canada, a free health care system, etc.
I have already signed a one-year lease condo–with a magnificent ocean view–and was really looking forward to moving down south. My husband and two boys are staying in Boston for my first year of medical education but will join me next summer. My husband’s job allows him to move anywhere and he does not mind either location.
Anyone else has faced a similar situation?
Helene :(

can't relate, but that's never stopped me from adding my $0.02
do you plan to practice in Canada?
If so, then the decreased tuition + staying in canada sounds like a winner to me.
If no, then is there any difference in your ability to get into residencies with Canadian MD vs US DO ?

Just a question. Assuming that you are Canadian, do you think there will EVER be a time that you or your husband will want to move back to Canada? Do you have parents there who will be getting older, siblings with kids you may want to be closer to in the future… etc.
If so, would you be able to practice in Canada with a DO? This may be a silly question, but I don’t know the answer. If not, then having an MD from UCalgary may just provide you with more flexibility for the future. None of us know what curves life will throw us. Even if you think you will never “need” to come back for whatever reason, you just don’t always know…
Good luck,
:;): Mitch