MD/M.B.A ... MD/M.P.H , need help :)

Hey everyone, so I’m newly registered to this forum but been reading it for awhile and its been very helpful so first off, thank you. =p

Lately I’ve been researching about these dual programs MD/MBA and MD/MPH. And I’ve come across alot of information. However, what I really wanted to know but couldn’t find was… what are MD/MBA and MD/MPH graduates doing these days? What kind of jobs/opportunities do these graduates have? Do MD/MPH and MD/MBA graduates just get plugged into the health care/ gov’t side? Or do alot of them stay as a regular doctor?

Also just curious, what undergrad majors are common for prospective MD/MPH students?

Sorry for bombarding you all with these questions. thanks in advance.

Oh and if anyone here is either an MD/MPH or MD/MBA graduate, please let me in on your experience! I would love to hear.


Welcome to this site. I know one physician who has MBA and he is working with a pharmaceutical company.

if you want more info you should definitely take a look at the MD MBA Association, they have some great resources and info on dual-degree programs and rankings of programs up there.

MBA has more flexibility and options than MPH. In either case, one finds oneself often running agencies, clinic director roles and generally in administrative roles in the healthcare field. Both are highly marketable. Health insurance companies also like this dual degree. Both Master’s are considerably more lucrative than mine!!