Med school and child support


I will be done with my AA this summer and transferring to a 4 year university to begin my bachelors and pre med prereqs at 28 years of age (29 by then).

I am on the verge of divorce and I am concerned about how I will be able to support my child (who will be living with her mother assuredly) via child support when I go to school fulltime for med school.

I need to go to school full time for my bachelors to have any sort of speed through my medical education. I am just concerned as to how can I insure I provide support for my child when I will be living fairly entirely on student loans and what not.

Do any of you know anybody in such a situation or perhaps can give me some insight on this problem? The possibility of not being able to financially assist or contribute to my childs well being is not acceptable in my mind.

Even if by some strangeness I would not be required to pay childsupport while attending school I would not be happy with myself in any degree and would “not be able to sleep at night” as it were if I could not provide some measure of support for my child.

One job I have known folks to do successfully during a postbac or during their prerequisites and still do well in school is working as an EMT. If it would be possible for you to take paramedic training initially, you may be able to work part-time and still get some study time in when on call at the station.

Obviously, could increase your hours in the summer to put some aside for child support.

Don’t know how much of an option that is for you where you are.

Good luck in your endeavors, and welcome to OPM’s!