med school requirement question?


I have a predicament in my med school application process. I am NOT a US citizen but I did all my high school and undergrad here. This coming summer I will have to start my med school application process, and I was wondering how much will my citizen status effect my possible acceptance to medical schools. I have decent scores (MCAT: 35, GPA: 3.7), and also I have great extracurricular activities to show my interest in the medical field. But I have seen that the requirements for many schools is to be a US citizen, as I am not one, and i don’t think i will be by this summer, should I apply to med schools or wait out.

Also i was considering Caribbean schools, and i wanted to know if it’s worth it going to the Caribbean.

Any help would be great, as this problem has me very concerned

thank you

What’s your current immigration status? Are you on a visa, or are you a PR (green card?)

I am on a visa, but i do have my social security card and I have an EAD.

Which visa type? F-1? J-1?

  • utkid Said:
I am on a visa, but i do have my social security card and I have an EAD.

I'm no expert in legal matters, so I speak only from my own experience. An SSN/EAD may confer employment privileges but does not define your immigration status. I obtained an SSN while on an F-1 simply because it was a necessary condition for me to be employed as a teaching assistant during grad school. I remained a non-resident and foreign citizen during that entire time. I'm still a foreign citizen at this time anyway...

After grad school, I was on an H-1 for nearly 10 years during which IRS considered me a resident and INS considered me a non-immigrant. All these govt organizations each have their own rules and regs. Your status will depend on your visa type and category - and there may be specific or particular constraints related to that visa type/category.

For example, although I'm a PR, I am unable to consider the Caribbean route at this time because my PR status prevents me from spending an extended time outside the US. However, should I choose to apply for and obtain US citizenship in the future, I'd be able to consider the Caribbean.

Can't really answer your question without more info on your visa type. However, I believe that a small number of "international" (F-1) students are accepted each year provided they can show proof of funds for the first X years of medsch.

Generally speaking, because you are considered a foreign/international student (no green card) you will not be given consideration at most state medical schools, and private schools may want you to prove, up front, that you can pay for your medical education. In addition, you may not qualify for financial aid (depending on the school).

Do your research on this upfront (as you have begun doing).