Med Schools - Schooling & Undergraduate done in US but considered International

Dr. Gray, From my 3rd grade onwards I have done all my schooling here in US. Currently, I am a premed student applying for Med school in 2021 cycle.

There are very few Med schools that accept international students and those which accept are extremely competitive and highly expensive.

There are many students like me who came to US on their parents work visa but have not been able to get permanent residency yet, hence they are considered international even though they have done all there schooling and college here in US.

your advise and guidance will be of great value for all of us


Applying to medical school as an international student comes with some extra hurdles. However, hundreds of international students are accepted to medical schools every year, including at some of North America’s most prestigious institutions.

Medical school applications are hard enough, but on top of that, only a subset of America’s medical colleges accept international students. Plus, most require international applicants to meet certain additional criteria, like coursework at an American-accredited university or demonstrated proficiency in English. Since you did nearly all your schooling in the US, this is not an issue.

The medical school application process is an already demanding process, yet international applicants to American medical schools must jump through even more hoops. This may mean some extra time and work on your part, but take heart!

If you’re able to demonstrate a high GPA and MCAT score, aim to stand out in your applications by devoting significant time and energy into your AMCAS personal statement and secondary essays. Your essays are where you’ll convince adcoms that an American or Canadian medical education will help you become an excellent physician who can contribute to the well-being of global health and give you the tools you need to fulfill your career goals.

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