Med Schools that don't care how long ago you took your premeds?

I stopped myself from applying to schools because I thought I had to retake coursework. I recently heard there are some schools that dont care how long ago that was. I just did a Masters but I dont think that will count towards my premed courses. Anyone know how I can find the schools that dont have a time limit on this?

You won’t find a list anywhere. Check this out

I’m starting to retake preqs this year to keep my options open and indirectly prepare for the MCAT. Schools that don’t have fast rules about preqs are becoming less common.

so i would need my pre-recs to be done within 5 years of applying? i just completed an MPH which i know is not considered as good as biology or the pre-recs. im already in debt from a degree that didnt help me get an income so its hard to imagine getting my pre-recs completed and paying more and not having any degree (cheapest easiest option)

I’m in a very similar boat. I finished an MSc in Entomology in 2014 and it’s been f**k all useful. I started a podcast so I could at least keep myself involved somewhat. I have contacted a couple of schools in my state and they said that they didn’t have a date limit on prereqs. But they were also curt and not overly helpful. I’m finding that is a common thing. Many people not really wanting to help. The odd thing is, I’ve found the internet (specifically Reddit) to be very helpful and polite. Go figure…

So, my suggestion is to just call each school on your list and ask. I still need to finish up with that. I also want to know about talking face to face with someone at each school. See if they have meet & greet days for potential applicants where I can talk with admission staff. Maybe you could do the same?

Hope that helps!

In the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) you can see each MD school’s policy in regard to how long ago the prerequisites can be taken.


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