Medical School Interview "Do you have anything to say that can improve your score"

I had a med school MMI interview yesterday. 2/3 of the raters asked me at the end of the session if I had anything to say to improve my score. What should my response had been. Is this a sign that I did not do well in answering the questions?

As a side note, the first rater asked me about which country vaccine of covid-19 would I use and why followed with an MMI standard discussion about who should receive them.
I was unable to answer the first question and said this is not within my knowledge I am not qualified to answer the question and answered the 2nd question as closely to what the MMI courses thought me. She did follow up about the first question abit about then how would I judge which factor would make me decide. I listed things like statistics, and people whose physiology is close to our citizens, etc.

The 2nd person asked me if students should wear uniforms. After I heard the question he started laughing out of nowhere and I blurted out “ahh I have heard about you before I am glad to meet you” and had to ask him what the question was again. I did try to answer to my best ability.