Merry Christmas All! Please read my post! Newbie Supreme Here...

Hello all!

Thank you in advance for reading and analyzing this long diatribe. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and best of luck in the upcoming year.

I will try to keep my intro as short as possible to get in to the specifics, in the interest of saving time and yawns. Please be as honest as possible, I may need the reality check.


I started college at the age of 19 in 1998 in St John’s of New York for all the wrong reasons. I saw college more as a party and ultimately was kicked out because of my grades.

In my 4 semesters there, I managed to amass roughly 20k in private loans, as well as 22 credits and 1.69 GPA. There was also four F’s and 6 withdrawals.

County College


Yes, those are the right years, not a typo. (Some years I didn’t attend, others were only partial semesters, and some were semesters where I dropped all my classes.)

During these years, I managed to hold two long term jobs, while taking classes here and there. At the end of this illustrious college career, I graduated with an associate degree in Business and a 2.81 GPA, along with 19 withdrawals, and 5 F’s.

Now I am in a 4 year college, only a summer and fall semester away from a Bachelor’s in Special Education/Spanish. However this semester, I had a hiccup with college Algebra and I failed, I should have withdrawn but didn’t. I am more than confident that I will ace it once I take it again, and whatever my final grade is, will be combined with that F to give me a new final grade.

So to re-cap, I am about 35k in debt for my schooling, a cumulative GPA of 3.138 and a return feeling to practice medicine. There are also 25 withdrawls, and 11 F’s now.

I once was very interested in medicine when I was 23(now I am 32) to go to Dominican Republic for med school, and I guess that’s still an option, but such a tough road to hoe once I get back to states, and that was part of the reason of not pursuing it back then.

At this point, my college tuition isn’t too expensive, so I could afford the extra science classes and math classes. However, would a post- bacc be a better option? I was hoping I could just stay at my four year college, because post bacc is expensive. I know core classes should be at a 4 year school, and that’s where the majority of them would be.

I could theoretically still graduate a science major here still, although that would take about another year. Should I just take the basic science and math courses here and give MCAT’s a shot? Also the science courses (basics) are chem. and org chem., bio and organic bio, pre-calc and physics, correct? Please advise if I missed any.

Finally, why do I feel I can make this change?

How could I possible finish med school, if it has taken me this long for my bachelor’s?


I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, and ever since I have been diagnosed, I am making positive strides in school. I had three a’s in Spanish, a “c” in education, and “b+” in geography!

Thoughts and advice please? It would be severely appreciated, and thank you for your time and posts!


Medically Speaking

First, the old “F” and “W” are probably explainable but the current “F” in college algebra might wave big, red flags, even if repeated. The “C” in education might hurt as well and so might the “B+” in geography since neither of those are seen as “hard” science courses.

Allopathic schools (MD) do not grade replace, osteopathic schools do. Repeating college algebra for DO will be okay, it won’t help much for MD schools, even if you get an “A” in it, as it will average out to a “C” when AMCAS does their grade calculation.

So, now that I’ve really deflated your hopes - here’s my thoughts:

put together a really strong couple of semesters of solid “A” grades. Do that first. Put everything you’ve got into getting those grades; don’t worry about med school or not med school - just do yourself a long term favor, and get "A"s.

That, in and of itself, speaks volumes. Then you can worry about the rest of things.

Someone once told me, on this forum, med school is not an inclusive society - it is exclusive. Any reason that any adcom can think of to exclude you from the pool of candidates, will be done. We all need to not give them any reason. It starts with stringing together strong semesters… hard sciences or not.

I’m the queen of crappy old grades (I’m 47, mine are 30 years old in some cases).

thank you for your input! I also came across an old post in 2009 where you received recognition for receiving your d.o.

…a belated congratulations, and best of luck to you in the future…Thanks again for the info, I think it will help tremendously!

  • MedicallySpeaking Said:
I also came across an old post in 2009 where you received recognition for receiving your d.o.

Not me, I'm just a wee premed.

well all the same then…congrats on your decision and best of luck!