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I joined a long time ago but never said anything because I was focusing on the pre-reqs I guess it was too far out of reach for me but I finally finished them and in fact plan on applying to medical school this summer. I live in Indiana so of course I’m going to apply to Indiana University but that is a MD program and I heard that the MD programs do not favor non-traditional students. Is IU non-traditional friendly?

I live in close proximity to Chicago as well so I will apply to the Chicago schools. I looked up Loyola University Chicago stats and their oldest student for this year’s class was 33. I’m 36 so should I apply there or save my money?

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I, too, will be applying this summer. I live in Chicago, and know a bit about the schools here. I can tell you that Loyola is indeed non-trad friendly, from what I’ve seen.

I am in a formal post-bac program in the Chicago area, and Loyola’s dean actually came to talk to our program about Loyola’s medical school. So there is obviously interest there in non-trad students. Several students from my post-bac program have been accepted there, including one a couple of years ago who was (if memory serves) in his mid-30s. So if you’re really interested in Loyola, I would say go for it!

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  1. dont assume that any school is anti or pro nontraditional student. To do so is to limit your chances. There is scant evidence to suggest either stance for most MD schools.

  2. Some schools that would seem very traditional, hard-core research centers, such as Pritzker at University of Chicago, are actively recruiting nontrads. In fact, they exhibited at our conference last year.

  3. Some schools. like northwestern have long standing post-bacc programs, which by their nature cater to nontrads. This would at least give some exposure/influence at the medical school.

    4)The dean at the osteopathic school in Chicago, is a past president of the AOA and a former oldpremed herself, spending 7 or 8 years as a medical lab tech before going to medical school. She was the keynote speaker at our 2010 conference.

    5)The immediate past chair of the AMA board of trustees didn’t start medical school until she was 35. She was the keynote speaker at our 2011 conference.

  4. Just last week, the New York Times, profiled a woman who broke the gender barrier in AAU distance running, Dr. Margret Chas-Brand. It also noted that after years as a biology professor she returned to medical school and at 53 became the oldest graduate from Einstein.

    Link Dr. Chase-Brand

  5. As Judy Colwell say. if you dont ask, they cant say yes.

    You should be much more concerned with your GPA, particularly post-bacc GPA, MCAT, and the concise, coherent and compelling narrative showing a pattern of achievement, commitment, and motivation then any perceived age bias that a school may or may not have. To do so would be giving into FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). That has killed more nontrad premeds than GPA and MCAT combined

I agree completely with gonnif. Don’t rule any school out because of perceptions that they don’t like non-trads. I ended up at the school that I thought I was least likely to be accepted at because I was non-trad and didn’t have any research experience.

I would certainly apply broadly, but rather than thinking “Gosh, I don’t have a chance because I’m a non-trad”, think “What can I do to convince them that my age makes me an even more awesome candidate?”

Thanks for the advice! I will stay in touch.


Thanks for screen slaping me, gonnif. I needed that!!! I appreciate the examples it really helped me!


I guess I am nervous about the whole process of applying so I needed to be put on the straight and narrow so thanks, emergency!. Nice screen name, BTW.


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Thanks for screen slaping me, gonnif. I needed that!!! I appreciate the examples it really helped me!


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I remember the Director of Loyola’s SMP, Bryan Pickett, speaking to us at the Chicago conference. They’re definitely non-trad friendly.

I remember I didn’t know what a klingon was until he said that he was one and I later googled it.

Don’t let age get in your way. I worked with a lady that was in her late 50’s that was graduating from the University of Utah’s medical school. You never know.

Also in my class at LMU-DCOM I have classmates that are 40, 42, and 46.