Might be the end of the road for me

Hi everyone, My road may abruptly end before it even starts. Due to my student loan debt I am not eligible for any more financial aid and I am unable to get private loans due to credit. I am not rich by any means and am just barely making it financially. I don’t think there is really any other option…but to come on here and say thanks for all the support and I wish you all well…take care everyone, Meg

I am glad you said “might”. You are still young. This might just be a journey that takes a little longer then you would like. Thank you for all of your posts and support to others.

I don’t know if military service in the reserves or national guard is something you would consider, but you could qualify for a 20K signing bonus, 65k in loan repayment, and tuition assistance to finish your classwork. they are paying my way through medical school in exchange for service which is the only way I can afford to do it, already 160k in debt from undergrad and grad.

Just an idea, there may be assistance in other forms as well…Jaysun


Don’t give up! I assume you know that already. Talk to everyone at your school about scholarships, teaching assistants (they get huge tutition breaks) anything you can do to make this happen. I don’t want to see you give up so soon.

I know you said “might” so keep on, keeping on! Keep us updated on your status. Best of luck to you!!

Military service is not an option for me for personal reasons and the fact that I am a chicken. I wish you all the best I really do, I’m just tired of struggling to do this and so the towel is being thrown in. I’m 35 and that is my limit on starting this quest. Everyone has their own limit on age and how old they want to be, mine was actually a year ago. Good luck and take care everyone.

Meg is Signing Off.


PM For you…


Don’t give up yet. Take some time off your pursuit, move forward with the rest of your life, and re-assess in a few months. If I can still follow this dream, so can you.