Might fail a course - need advice

I am a philosophy major/biology minor, and I want to attend an osteopathic medical school. Against my better judgment, I enrolled in biochem at a different university from where I will receive my degree, and I am not doing well at all. If I end up failing - I certainly do not plan to - but if I do, I know I will likely need to retake the course for credit next fall ,after I have graduate and while I desperately need to be working to help my wife and I so I can hopefully attend med school beginning in 08. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated as to proposed courses of action.

Can you withdraw from the class? At least you would get W instead of an F.

If I withdraw, my transcript will reflect WF - withdrew, fail - so knowing that, there is really nothing to be gained by dropping. The good news is that the semester is only half over, so I have a chance to recover somewhat, but everything only gets more difficult from here on out. Thanks for the reply!


since it’s past ‘drop’ date it looks like the only option you have is to improve. Do you know what your issue with this class is? Why weren’t you doing better so far? If you don’t understand the material, try to find somebody to study with. You know the stuff, you just didn’t do well on your tests?

Ususally the biggest problem, and the big step to improving is to identify your weakest link!

I hope you’ll manage to improve, so you don’t have to ratake the class. I took biochem last summer. It was a hard class, but I really really liked it so studying for it was much easier.

Good luck,