Military applicant

Good morning!
I have been reading the forums and listening to most the podcast and have a question.
Episode 18, 84, and 14 from the old premeds podcast have some general information regarding my situation.
Episode 302 - 7:30 in also have some information.
In these episodes it was discussed about online BA/BS programs and how cautious an applicant should be when pursuing online degrees.
My situation BLUF:
29 y/o AD USAF Medic (IDMT-P) <Independent Duty Medical Technician - Paramedic> 9 years in 2 left in current enlistment. Access to 4 year institution and Community college, currently pursuing online bachelors with 10 classes left. 3.5GPA NO science courses.
Should I:
Continue my bachelors online and get my pre-reqs done at community college? Since i am so close and can finish my pre-reqs in 2 years as well as this would be practically free.
Continue my bachelors online, do courses at a 4 year institution (more expensive and would require some loans)
Discontinue form my online bachelors apply to a 4 year finish in 3 years. Still take some courses at a community college due to the price difference.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated regarding this subject.