Minimum GPAs?

What would you guys say, from your experience or what you have read/heard, are the minimum GPAs medical schools accept? Both overall and science (which I guess includes math as well)?



these are the min GPA’s I have seen as an over all

Min mind you

DO 3.2 ( 3.3 is a little safer) MCAT 26

MD 3.4 ( 3.5 is safer) MCAT 28

Science DO 2.8 MD around 3.0

this is the bare Min I have been able to understand of course some have had a little lower

I’m not taking into consideration of Post bac or MS GPA’s here.

This is not a question to be answered easily. Someone who really messed up their first time around, but did stellar post-bacc work, won’t have a good GPA overall but may look good for a variety of reasons.

There is no point to looking at minimums or others’ impressions of what is good enough to get in. Some schools are more number-conscious than others; some schools are far more willing to look at your most recent achievements vs. your old bad grades. Your own personal situation is what is relevant here.


Thanks for your advice. I hope you are right!!!