Mitochondrial Disease/Prayers needed

My friends son just got officially diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease. He has been progressing rapidly and they finally got the muscle biopsy back which confirms what his doctors all thought. I just want to ask everyone to pray for him…his name is Christian and he’s only 4. Thanks.

Rest assured, all of OPM’s thoughts & prayers are with your friend’s son. “Mitochodrial Disease” is a huge & not well understood spectrum of disorders - many with severe implications. Please keep us updated & continue to support your friend & her son.

I have been trying to do some reading about it, the disease seems to cause a plethora of issues and there is no real treatment for it. They are going to start with vitamins and keep rearranging the dosage until they find a combination that hopefully helps him. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts.

Prayers are out to your friends little boy!

your friend is in our thoughts and prayers