Hey, I have been able to finance my years so far but it seems I never have enough!

I have about 4500 a semester to live off of and my wife works but it’s not enough!

I find we need about 3k a month to pay bills and live, we are short, way short.

How do the rest of you do it? I’m constantly buying used books and cheap clothes for clinicals but GAS is just eating us up alive here, I drive 28 miles to clinicals, next it will be 20 miles and my wife drives about 60 miles a day for work

I see no changes and it is tough! 1.5 years left!

I think finances are the eternal question for a lot of we older nontrads.

The good thing is. . . only another 1.5 years and at least you start getting paid instead of having to pay tuition (although residency won’t make us rich by any means).

With Zane and my meds, there is never enough. But, somehow we muddle through. And so will you!

Hang in there. It will be a memory before we know it!


When we had been in school for just a short time… we qualified for all sorts of help… food stamps and medicaid… Took a little swallowing of the pride…

The with our grant, we live simply to be sure… but we have lived on a heck of a lot LESS before…


Yes, definitely check out the public aid programs. I had several classmates who were on the dole (welfare, food stamps, CHiP…) and did so without shame. In my humble opinion, those programs were originally designed to give a someone a leg up when they were down. Entitlement programs were never intended to become a family tradition. But, you are in training to become a physician - a professional who will make broad contributions to society. So, you will more than make a positive return on their investment!

Swallow your pride & do what you have to do!

Thanks, I’m not used to this and we are humbled by all this, the kids in my son’s school think we are rich LOL I wish!

I figured that I “paid in”, sometimes as much as five figures in (my nursing administrator days), so it was with minimal compunction that I decided to have some go “the other way” for a very specific time frame… it will all end May 20, 2008 (graduation).

Besides our “case manager” is salivating with the possibility of having a family doc “as a friend”… you can imagine the possibilities from her perspective…

Besides I must tell you, there is nothing more illustrative that to seek care while on medicaide… (before we mention we are a medical student family)


New twist, where I’m renting the Water was on and has been on for 7 months, the town is 10k people so… the owner never put the bill in our name and then the water company came this week and shut us off, when I confronted the City about it they said "The house is abandonded LOL, really? I said, uh then where did the water go? they said it was 4000gal a month. WOW they wanted 350 usd for the bill that day, WOW I did not have 350 pennies so I went home and went on line and WHOA!!! We were also over drawn by 950 USD LOL WHAT!!! OK do not panic I thought, what the heck happened here?

Debits and bills tooooooo much it seems and 590 in over draft charges, OMG I thought, I then drove 50 miles away to the Bank and My wife at work and we credit card the deficit and took out $ for the water. This was Monday, RED Monday for us. Oh well I thought I have spent thousands already whats another 1400?

I need the "Will do physical for food " sign LOL


Check your E-mail and get back to me AT ONCE!

Yours always,

Richard B

Thanks PM’d you back.

Also to everyone I post what happens to me in hopes to inspire others, we learn from each other.

Yes I have ups and downs just like you, some days I think we all feel “Is this worth it?” I still think it is!

Thank you and OLDPREMEDS is the best in the premed and medical student community on the net!