Moving on

Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster. The smoke cleared though, and I don’t have to retake. I’m very happy, but was also a little disappointed to see some OPM’ers who will have to retake.

I just wanted to say that 4-5 years from now, you guys will just remember having to take it another time to get your score. That’s it. Many of you have overcome tremendous hurdles to make this dream come true. Another few weeks of studying is a drop in the bucket. It’s yours; go get it.

I’m glad you got the score you needed to keep moving forward.

Thanks for the encouragement, too. I’m still waiting till my scores come out at the end of June, hoping and praying I don’t have to retake.

Congratulations on not needing to retake!! Let’s see how Apps go now!

Congratulations and thank you for your words of encouragement…

Gratz Olderguy. Happy you are satisfied. Now nail the seat down!