moving the kids

Hello all -

I hope everyone is recharging their batteries now during the winter break and gearing back up for a successful spring semester of classes, and shadowing, volunteering, etc.

Our son will be 9 and daughter 7 if/when I am accepted somewhere and begin in the Fall of 2012.

If we have to move, maybe the adjustments to new schools and neighborhoods for the kids and a new social environment for us won’t be as harsh on them as I worry about since we have very little in the way of a family support system anyways. My wife’s parents passed away years ago, and all of her family lives either out of state or out of country. My divorced parent’s have only high school educations and get by barely with part time jobs and help from their children and are not that involved with their grand children’s lives.

The four of us right now talk about such a move as an adventure. Still, having never made anything like an out of state move with the family, I do have some concern about the challenges it might bring, but I know that many families for any number of reasons must have made such a move and managed to survive

Can anyone share any of their experiences or planning advice when making a long move to another city or state for med school?

How did the kids do with creating new frienships and peer groups?

How did Mom and Dad hold up with the stresses?

Thanks so much


I can totally relate. I have been accepted to the two medical schools I applied to. I decided to attend the medical school that is about 2 hours away from where we now live. The current plan is that I will essentially commute on the weekends while my husband and two children (4 and 2) stay in our home. This will be an incredible adjustment for all of us.