MPH Anyone??

Thanks again for all of the advice everyone. I actually had a Dr’s appt yesterday for a physical so I had my Dr give me some advice! (Shes also young-ish and a proff and NU medschool)

She feels that the MPH is a waste of time and that I should pursue the post bacc and focus purely on that.

That said, I know a few people have mentioned the Loyola post bacc. Is it difficult to get in? Do you think if I took the GRE general it might strenghten my application (provided I do well of course)? I know some schools like it.

we have a couple of chicago members who are knowledgeable. I believe the Loyola program head spoke at our 2010 conference, Terra_incognita went thru Dominican (which is run by an MD). And Northwestern has a program. The MDU program is associated with the DO school isn’t it?