MPH to MD via diy postbac

I have an MPH but would like to add more expensive letters to my title.

I did a diy postbac after getting my MPH. I love public health but I need more face-to-face time with people and I want to understand diseases better.

I’d be happy to talk to anybody considering an MPH as a gap year or alternative to medicine. It’s a rewarding field but it can also be very challenging, sometimes due to things outside your control. Not to get political but… well, it is political because funding is largely federally controlled.

I guess I should have stopped by here before dumping in the application forum.

I was thinking MPH in a dual degree with MD or DO but not before MD OR DO only because it would distract me from the real goal. I am one of those who had pre-med anxiety and took a master’s instead of just a post bacc… after my master’s I just needed a job and couldn’t find one with benefits… so I’ve been scrambling now. I swiped my life way with credit cards to pay for bills and now I’m definitely nontrad but with huge student loan debt!

I am also planning to do an MD or DO and MPH combination. I do understand Public Health is extremely political, even on the most local levels, but I want to advocate for the underserved and marginalized of our country, ultimately on the national level. That will, at the very least, be my retirement project when I can no longer physically perform to the demands of general practice. I would love to hear about your experiences.