MS Program for outdated courses

Good Afternoon,

I graduated in 2018 and live in Missouri. A few of the med schools here require courses no longer than five years ago so I have a few to retake. I have found a Biology MS program that can include all of these courses besides a lab that I never took (which one school requires). I have heard you say a Master’s is a waste of time but it looks like it will take around the same amount of time as a Postbac program but I will actually have a degree after around two years. Because I actually need to retake these courses do you still think a MS would be a waste of time?
I am also working on my personal statement and have two children l. I am wondering if I should mention being a parent or avoid it. In the past I have been told not to bring it up because seeing you have such a big responsibility could be seen as a red flag. My husband and I lost a baby before our two boys and the experiences I had with my OB with that loss and the births of my boys were a huge part of what made me want to become a physician. There are other routes I can take but this is the most personal one. I’m also concerned it may be too personal so I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank you!