I just checked This following book is available for $25.00+shipping
Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) 2007-2008: The Most Authoritative Guide to All U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools (Medical School Admission Requirements, United States and Canada) (Paperback)
Is it worth buying?

This book hasn’t been released yet - probably won’t be until after May (check with I would wait.

Yes, but like Megboo said, wait until the new edition comes out in the spring. Everyone should have a copy of the MSAR while they apply, IMO.

MSAR is an essential book. I agree with Meg and Q, wait til the next version is released and also probably don’t buy it if you’re like three or four years away from applying. But it’s not just the “bible” of information for every allopathic medical school in the U.S., it also contains a treasure trove of information about financing your education, the application process, all sorts of statistics, etc. etc. I was transfixed when I first got it, but then I was a total geek.

Before forking out the $$$ for it (especially if you’re a couple of years away from applying, as Mary said), check your university’s library. Most schools keep the most recent version in the reference section or have a couple versions available to be checked out (although they seem to get stolen a lot).