My dad died

I realize this is very late but I wanted to offer my condolences. I hope you and you’re family are doing well during this difficult time.

I appreciate all of the kind words and prayers on my behalf after my dad’s death. My sister and I were able to take care of everything that needed to be done and I’m very glad she didn’t have to do it alone. I know it will be tougher on her from now on, as she was our dad’s caregiver for the last 10 years. With him gone now, there will be a big void in her life until she re-focuses on something new. Thank you all.

Still sending my positive energies your way. I am sure thisi will be hard for your sister. When my grandmother died it was that way for my uncle. My best to both of you. I hope you are still pampering yourself.
If you ever need to vent, or anything, I am always here. I’d love it if you took me up on that if you need to.