My First Time--been awhile since i could say that

Now that I have your attention—I just experienced my first time in shadowing a DO. LOL
I was THRILLED!!! I loved the family practice work that he was doing. He presents so well and has such a wonderful rapport with his staff and his patients. He was amazing.
I am returning for another visit in two weeks and then will shadow with 2 other DO’s in the fall.
We spoke with many people with mental health issues, saw him take out stitches, discussed omega 3 oils with a man, disussed a case with a women who insisted that she has gall bladder pain but had the thing out 1 yr ago (she asked about ghost pains–lol) We also met with kids getting physicals, concerned parents with children with stomach pains and a little girl with ADHD and an impulse control disorder. It was great.
The dr told me to just stick right behind him and keep up since he was booked and very busy—he really flew. He looked tense but took a deep breath before going into each room and put on his best for each person.
I hope to find more good mentors and role models like him–it was a good experience to have.

That sounds like you had a great experience shadowing. DOs are VERY COOL!!! I assume you are thinking about applying to DO schools. Have you thought about which ones you like yet?

I am in PA so I am thining about staying in state…the DO philosphy seems to fit what I believe in and practice now.

I had a similar experience shadowing at a DO’s family practice. I used that experience to get me through the MCAT studying, even though I whined about it continually.