My inspiration

One day, when I’m making a doctor’s salary I will be able to afford this house.

Out of sheer noseyness I called the realtor and got the specs on it.

First floor: There’s a workshop (yay for hubby), old fashioned kitchen, living room, dining room, library and bathroom

Second Floor: 6 bedrooms 2 baths.

Third floor: Half unfinished, half a ball room.

Yes. A ballroom. We were joking about it before I called the realtor as to what we could put on the top floor and I said a ballroom so hubby and I bust out laughing at the news. A ballroom would be awesome though. I wonder if you can get a grand piano way up there?

  • BOOBS Said:
One day, when I'm making a doctor's salary I will be able to afford this house.

Maybe. Don't count on it.

This one sure. LOL. It’s just 225K. Most homes in the burbs would be more than that.