My introduction!

I have been a silent member for long and just decided to post for the 1st time.I’m determined to make this dream true of becoming an MD/DO no matter what it takes. Background:30 years old man moved to states a few years ago and now permanent resident, Married with one ten months old boy and with a foreign degree in business. After checking with schools here, they cannot accept my foreign degree and so I have to start from scratch. Anyway, I decided to enrol in pre-med chemistry and starting this fall;expect to finish it in four years. I will be working full time since I need to make some money before I get into med school and before classes begin to be tight with my major since am still doing the basic courses like composition, trig, algebra etc this fall. Happy to be a part of this family. Thanks


As tec said, “Welcome!”

Glad you found OPM. It’s been a huge source of encouragement for me on this journey so far (and I’ve only just begun).

Keep us posted on your progress, successes, frustrations, etc.

Best wishes as you start your undergrad!

One question – what made you choose chemistry? Just curious.