my new blog:

Hi all,

I’ve got a new blog:

“Tracking the pressures and flows of medicine”

It has something to do with the social world of medicine (there’s a long post in which I try to explain what I’ve been thinking aboutthe doctor’s role), but this is defined broadly: recent posts include a clip of a Korean monster movie (with a doctor-patient relationship theme) and a review of Providence Rhode Island’s unique “New York System” wieners, with some attention to their health implications.

Because I’ve had various problems with the site and the code for the blog, I’d appreciate any beta testers who can let me know about any bugs.

More importantly, I’d love to have readers who add info, argue with me, or add their own experiences in the comments sections.

Best regards


I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to getting a chance to read through it :).

Thanks! I hope you like some of what you find there.