My research is finally getting published. . .

. . .and in the Journal of Immunology to boot!

I’m so excited that the two+ years of research I did, during which time I actually discovered a new apoptotic protein that patients with SLE may react to early in the development of their illness, was accepted for publication and will be in the January 1 issue. The title of the paper is: “A Major B Cell Epitope Present on the Apoptotic but Not the Intact Form of the U1-70kDa Ribonucleoprotein Autoantigen”. I’m only 4th author, but all the others are doctors, except for Mark, who was the lab supervisor.

I’m going to do a presentation here at WVSOM during one of our research lunch hours. Already have the slides on my computer ready to set up a power point presentation.

I’m so excited. The paper was written and submitted before I left Missouri in March, but it took a few more tests, data gathering, and a rewrite to get final approval.

Anyway, if you get the chance to pick up the Jan. 1, 2004 issue of Journal of Immunology, scan the article. When they talk about the immunized mice and the 32kDa protein, that’s the one I discovered and then correlated with patient blots to discover that our human patients also showed this protein.

Hey Linda,
Congratulations! Just one more thing for us to cheer about here on Old PreMeds! Think where you were just a year ago and now you are finished with half of the first year of medical school and a paper published in a major journal. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy your great accomplishments!