My road-map to MD

Hello everyone.This is my plan. Let me know what you think.I’m 30 and have a Bachelors of Science degree, no children. Taking all pre-requisites at local comm college. Already took some pre-reqs with my Bach of Science degree.

Spring 2013

chem 1 w.lab

Physics 1 w. lab

Summer 2013

chem 2 w/ lab

Physics 2 w. lab

Fall 2013

Organic chem 1 w/lab

Spring 2014

Organic Chem 2 w. lab

Study for MCAT

Summer 2014

Take MCAT and apply for Med school

Bio Chemistry I w/ lab

Fall 2014 Fingers crossed i’m accepted at the local MD school.

2015- Matriculate and 2019 graduate

My concerns: Letter of recommendation.I work with MD’s that can write it now but if i switch my job I might loose that opportunity to get those letters. How reliable are those websites that store LORs?

That generally looks fine.

I would consider moving the Physics 2 to Fall just because two hard sciences in one summer is a bit intense.

I’d also probably take Biochem in the fall instead of the summer you are applying since you’ll be largely consumed with application essays and what not and biochem would distract from that.