Narrow Interests

Ok so when admissions tells you this, what interests are they talking about exactly?

I play and record music, train dogs, run and lift weights, and love to study medicine. I read textbooks for fun.

So do they mean I should read books about different subjects? or are they referring more to hobbies? I was thinking about taking up golf, but am not sure where that time will come from…


Hi there,

You SHOULD not do anything that you do not enjoy for the sake of attempting to impress anyone especially the admissions committee of any medical school. You are not going to accepted or rejected based on your interestes of lack thereof.

Your application is evaluated within the context of the other applicants to said medical schools in said years, your academic achievements, your extracurricular activities that illustrate some interest in your fellow humans and your letters of recommendation written by people who know you and your suitability for medical school.

No one is asking you to change who you are and what you like to do for the sake of getting into medical school. That being said, if you hate being around human beings, medicine is likely not a good career for you as you will be interacting with humans (your patients or your colleagues) on a daily basis.

Put together a competitive application and show unique self in the most positive light possible. Do I need to tell you that every human being is different? Do I need to tell you that getting into medical school is NOT trying to make yourself fit some “hypothetical mold” but presenting yourself in the most positive and unique manner?

Good luck!


Actually working around people is THE reason i am trying to get in. After years of nursing type of experience (aka nursing assistant), I learned that I love to work with people. Every person has an interesting story to tell, and they are what make medicine a distinct career. The only thing missing in nursing type of work is the lack of autonomous problem solving and the ability to further medical science.

I do not aim to specifically impress committees, just not sure what they mean by “narrow interests”

so I can avoid this pitfall yet another year. My question was whether it is regarding types of books read, or types of activities? I certainly did not mean to offend.

Hi there,

If you are confused as to why the term “narrow interests” came in in reference to you and your application, then ask whomever presented this label, what the meaning was behind it. It is far better to ask for specifics than to wonder and try to guess.

My suspicions are that you have some difficulty with describing yourself and elaborating your interests within the context of the AMCAS application. Again, ask for specifics in terms of what you need to change to make your entire application more competitive.

Good luck!