National Health Service Corps

This program is looking very attractive to me. I am wondering if anyone else out there has applied to it or is current serving as a NHSC physician.


I am not there yet, but it does look helpful.

I applied for the NHSC and interviewed, but did not accept the offer. The reason being, unless you are absolutely positive that you will be going into primary care and are willing to go to whatever area is available at the time, or if you end up choosing another residency and specialty, there are extreme financial penalties.

Even though I knew I would do primary care, I was afraid to take the risk.

After your residency, you can still apply to NHSC and if there are unfilled areas that need doctors and you are willing to go there, they will repay a portion of your loans.

Doesn’t pediatrics (general peds) count for this? (Asking since I’m pretty determined that’s where I want to be).

I believe it does. Family Practice, Internal Med, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn. I’m not sure what others.

Oh look Ob/Gyn was another venue I was considering. I may just have to look into this.

  • Linda Wilson Said:
I believe it does. Family Practice, Internal Med, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn. I'm not sure what others.

Those are it. Add General Psychiatry.

I've also seen some internet stuff on AAEM or ACEP lobbying for emergency medicine to be included in the list of qualifying "primary care" specialties. Their rationale is: for a large chunk of the indigent population, an emergency physician is the first contact with medical care of any kind.

What if you go into internal medicine but want to specialize in oncology…would that cancel you out?