Ross requires that transfer students pass the NBME with a score of 400. I have done a lot of questions from various sources, but am finding the NBME questions that I have done to date (2 practice tests and a sample) VERY difficult, including the wording of the questions. While I score higher on other assessments, I am not scoring high enough on the NBME and wonder if anyone has any suggestions?

My only suggestion is that you go and hit those areas that the NBME is giving you as your “weakest”. This might help you in figuring out what needs to be hit hard prior to the next NBME. Also, I found the Goljan questions (Dr. Goljan) much closer in similarity to NBME type than QBank. You can get Goljan questions from the Rapid Review books. I had the pathology RR and the USMLE RR. Both came with a CD that had thousands of questions.