Need a motivation booster

Hey guys,

I feel like I’ve been running toward my goal and all of a sudden, in my haste, tripped and twisted my ankle in a hole that I’ve dug myself. I am now two years “behind schedule.” After my first attempt to retake my prereqs, I ended up moving up the east coast, getting a great job, and essentially starting over. I think out of everything that has changed over the past few months, the only thing the same is my name and my desire for med school.

I just want/need to know that I’m still doing the right thing. I mean, I feel like I am doing the right thing. But what a bummer when I have to tack on a few more years until I achieve it. I’m probably not the only one who is anxious about this whole process.

Once in a while, I’ll go through practice MCAT questions at my desk and when I get to the third one in a row that I cant answer, I feel like a complete idiot and wonder what on earth I am doing to myself!

A few words of comfort please?

I think everyone “stumbles” once in a while on the road the towards what they want. I know I sure have. If you really want it, though, you’ll do what it takes to get there regardless of how long. Keep your chin up!

Also, I flipped through your blog just a second ago. Congratulations on passing the EMT exam!


at least you have a constant desire to become a physician, even in difficult times. So I can safely say that this won’t go away.

I heard a Chinese saying that says this (more or less): the path to happiness is long and full of obstacles. If you walk only when it is sunny you may never get there. To do so, you have to walk on rainy days as well.

And for the MCAT, know that it doesn’t just test your knowledge. So you have to prepare specifically for it. You can’t just sit, try to take a test and ace it. Near impossible. One step at a time…


From what I read, it seems like you have come a long way. A lot has been accomplished, but a little is left.

Remember, it is a marathon! The last few miles are always the hardest, physically and psychologically. Push yourself, and it will be exhilarating when you get across the finish line.

Thanks a lot you guys Truly the boost that I needed

(and thanks beefy for the congrats, I’m thrilled about passing!)

The road is long, yes, but when the doubts and second thoughts pop up once in a while its like a punch in the stomach. And to recover, I need some words of comfort as I’m sure most of us sometimes do.

redo- ok thats a relief, im glad to know that the mcat doesnt test my knowledge. I guess trying to randomly do questions will just hurt me and my self esteem.



I teach biology. When I saw the mcat questions the first time, I was wondering if there was different “biology sciences” Seriously. And I have always finished within the top 3% or so during my university years (with over 100 students per class).

Seriously, the MCAT is its own stuff. You can be a 4.0 A student and screw it bad if you don’t prepare adequately.

So don’t sweat it. Ace your classes for now. The MCAT is a major undertaking. People who think it is (will be) easy, will likely screw it up. The MCAT deserve devotion, time and lots of practice. Treat it with respect.

Good luck and hang in there.

Hang in there because you’re definitely not alone!!!

well, im going to have to put my mcat pursuit on hold anyways so theres no need for me to overwhelm myself in the mean time

Path - thanks! long time no read!