Hello all my fellow non trad premeds!

I have a few questions that have been driving me up the wall, and even after reading a few forums and listening to 75% of the podcasts for the old premed, I still feel like i dont have the answers i need. So im seeking advice, help, and maybe even a friend!! :]

Here is my story!
Back in 2010 (after taking a few years off of high school to make sure I wanted to go to school) I began my college career at the local CC. My initial hope was to do premed, so I took many classes there.

    Classes consisted of:
Gen Bio 1- C ; Gen Bio 2- A; A&P 1- B ; A&P 2 (first time)- D ;RETOOK A&P 2- B; Psych 1- A ; Psych 2- B ; Calc w/ Analytic Geom 1- B ; Calc w/ Analytic Geom 2- C ; Gen Chem 1- C; Micro Bio- B.

I felt alright with many of the classes and grades, except for Gen Chem. I struggled a lot to get that C, and after looking back on all my science classes, I got discouraged with the grades and decided that I was not going to make the cut to get into medical school. My grades were not good enough, meaning I wasn’t smart enough. So, when it was time to transfer to a 4 year university, I changed my major to Criminology, and to be able to use up some of the science classes, I chose to minor in forensic science.

I finished with my bachelor’s degree and was going to begin applying for jobs. But no more than a month after graduation, I began feeling extremely unsatisfied with what I had convinced myself of. I ran away and believed I wasn’t good enough to become a doctor, and settled for something that I truly had no interest in. I spoke with my husband about how I felt and what I truly wanted to do, and he said that he supported me all the way.

I did my research and found that the same university I graduated from as an undergrad, has a post bacc program. To be admitted into said program, I need to have some classes completed. Which means I need to finish up Physics 1&2, O chem 1&2, and Gen Chem 2. I have had constant contact with the admission department with concerns of my C’s, and a few W’s in summer classes that I decided I didn’t want to take, and she said it should not be a problem to get into the post bacc program with those classes if I received a C or higher in them.

So, I reapplied as a non degree seeking student at the 4 year university I graduated from. I got accepted, BUTTTT as a non degree seeking student, you need to reapply every single semester you plan on taking classes there. Your admission does not just carry over. I didn’t see it as being a problem. I went ahead, registered for my summer class, and out of curiosity I looked into the spring classes available, and the next classes I needed after the summer class were ALREADY FILLED!!! :[ So not only was it not an option to reapply for the fall semester, but I began to realize that I could not just throw $100 dollars down the drain hoping that I would be able to make it into the next semester, only to have the classes filled up.

I was literally devastated because my plan was completely ruined. So quickly thinking, I went and checked my local CC that I attended many moons ago and decided to reapply there as well. I am registered to take fall classes there, which will be Physics 1 and Gen Chem 2. They also have Organic Chem there, so I am currently thinking about finishing up all my classes there since the post bacc program allows CC courses.

So, my questions begin here:
-If I were to complete my required physics and organic chem classes at my local community college, and get admitted into the post bacc program, would Medical schools focus more on the post bacc classes, or focus on the community college classes, or would they put focus on both.
-My next question is that, because I have many of my science courses completed at a CC, will they not accept them because they are at a CC, or do classes at a CC not necessarily matter?
-Finally, because I received a C in the math and science, should I retake those even though they were from my undergrad when I had switched to criminology?

I really want to take the best route that will allow me to get into medical school and continue to follow my dreams!
Thanks in advance, and hope to get some sort of feedback!!
Sending love!!